Forever After Adoptions provides a  courtesy service  to state licensed adoption agencies , facilitators and attorneys by posting available situations .  We do not charge a fee to either the adopting parents nor the adoption professional that posts the situation for this service  . Please contact  the adoption professionals directly regarding posted available birth mother situations only. The situations posted below that are marked as available are currently working with licensed professionals and are actively seeking families to adopt their child. There is no cost or obligation to speak to the attorney that is handling these cases. The information that we post is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

We ask that you do not contact the professionals that have posted these cases unless you are home study approved and financially able to move forward. Please do not submit profile unless you are prepared to move forward. If there is a baby due in a week, and you have a planned vacation for that time and a baby will not fit into your schedule, we understand. Please do not submit your profile. ( Yes, believe it or not it happens). There are a lot of families that want a child but are not ready to proceed, and that can be stressful to birth mothers that choose them , only to find out afterwards that the family cannot afford to move forward or is unable to proceed for other reasons. An average adoption is $32-$35,000. If you are not prepared financially to adopt at this time, please wait until you are . It is not fair to yourselves , the birth mothers , or the professionals that are handling these cases. No families from New York, New Jersey or Delaware please. 

9/17/2018 AVAIL-e1452003487372Full African American Baby to be born in the state of California due May 2019. She has placed 2 children for adoption in the past. She has a 2 year old that she is raising as a single parent. She is seeking a family that is unable to have children and that has been married for a lengthy period of time. States that she does not want ongoing contact, but does want to get to know the family during the pregnancy. She is requesting a college educated Christian family. States no drugs alcohol or smoking. States that father is ok with an adoption plan and will not interfere. Please send profile to attorney Colette Wilson dcolettewilson@earthlink.net

Black Newborn Baby In Knitted Sleeping


9/11/2018 j1/2 Caucasian 1/2 Hispanic Baby to be born in the state of Colorado in April 2019. Gender Unknown. States birth father is agreeable. She is 21 years old and  employed full time and  states that there has been no drugs , alcohol or smoking during the pregnancy. Seeking a traditional Christian family. Please send profile to attorney Colette Wilson dcolettewilson@earthlink.net update 9/17 is reviewing profiles. Attorney is not requesting any additional at this time.

Studio portrait of a ten day old newborn baby boy wearing pajama bottoms and a sleeping cap. He is sleeping on a moon shaped posing prop.

9/8/2018jFull Caucasian Baby due 4/1/2019 in the state of Alabama. Birth mother is a college student currently enrolled and will be attending college for the balance of the pregnancy. No drugs, alcohol or smoking. She is receiving prenatal care. She wants ONLY a traditional CATHOLIC family. Open to a family with other adopted children. Would like an open adoption with the possibility of annual visits. Her parents are very supportive of her adoption plan. Colette Wilson, attorney at law is handling this case.  You can reach her at    (760 ) 580-0561 Update 9/17 Mother has selected families and setting up calls.

Smiling newborn baby sleeps in a hat with ears on a pink blanket

8/31/2018jFull Caucasian Baby due December 15th in the state of Michigan. Mother has placed a child for adoption in the past , and is also parenting a 9 year old girl. Father is uninvolved and has not had contact. She is currently receiving prenatal care but the Gender has not yet been determined. States that she does smoke cigarettes , and also marijuana consumption early in pregnancy. No alcohol. To be presented, please send your profile to  Jeanna at Hope Embraced Adoptions at  hopeembracedadoptions@gmail.com update 9/5/2018 mother is looking through profiles and agency is requesting that no additional profiles be sent.

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8/23/2018matchedBaby BOY due October 18,2018 in the state of Wisconsin. Mother is Caucasian and Father is from Saudi Arabia. He has a degree in Computer Technology , she is very personable and bright . This is her second child, and her mother is raising her 7 year old son. There is a chance that the baby has dwarfism. His limbs are measuring  out at a very low percentile. She has been receiving prenatal care and she has gone to a specialist that has confirmed these findings. States that all other development and brain function are normal. Please email profiles to foreverafteradoptions@gmail.com and we will forward to the attorney that is handling this case.


8/1/2018matchedCaucasian/ Hispanic  Baby GIRL due December 10, 2018 in the state of California. Father is Puerto Rican. Mother is 28 years old. This is her 4th child. She placed her third child for adoption 5 years ago. Her two older boys are being raised by her parents. She has a past history of drug abuse but states clean and sober for 5 years. No smoking. She does have bipolar disorder , however concedes that no one in her family is diagnosed with it and that her prior drug abuse and trauma contributed to it. She is requesting a Catholic or Protestant traditional married couple  for her child. The attorney ,Colette Wilson, has met with her in person. If interested in being presented, You are welcome to call her directly . You can reach her at    (760 )  580-0561

Sleeping newborn baby in a wrap on white blanket. Beautiful portrait of little child girl 7 days one week old. Baby smiling in a dream.


6/24/2017  AVAIL-e1452003487372California attorney Colette Wilson is seeking Spanish speaking families for Hispanic birth mothers . Forever After Adoptions has a Spanish program  agencia-de-adopcion.com   and the majority of these cases are referred to Collette as she speaks Spanish. You are welcome to call her directly and let her know that you are interested in  these situations . You can reach her at    (760 )  580-0561