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Now accepting contact information from adopting parents that either have a completed home study or have begun the process.  Regarding posted available birth mother situations only.


No calls please. No exceptions. Please use our contact form.


Read this before you message us

1. The average cost to adopt a newborn is $30,000.00- $40,000.00. Please be financially able to adopt before you contact us.

2. You need a completed homestudy from a state licensed social worker to adopt. Make sure that you have this completed  before you contact us.

If you are not prepared to adopt by meeting the above criteria , please do not contact us. We are not an adoption  agency . We do not offer counseling , education , legal advice , or emotional support. We will only refer messages to the attorneys that are affiliated with the posted adoption situations of those families that are prepared with a completed home study and that are financially able to proceed. If you request that your profile be forwarded, then it will be sent to the attorney. Please do not contact us for further updates. We will not have updates. If the birth mother  is interested in your profile, the attorney will contact you . If you are not contacted, there is no new information.


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Forever After Adoptions  is a unique service that is employed by adoption attorneys and licensed adoption agencies throughout the United States to advertise on their behalf. Forever After Adoptions extensively markets our agency to women considering adoption. If you search for adoption online, you will usually find us at the top of your search results. We also advertise in crisis pregnancy centers, Yellow Pages, hospitals, social media and other adoption websites, just to name a few.Those birth mothers that respond to our advertising have the advantage of being offered many more choices than if she were to go directly to a traditional agency, and that is why so many entrust us with their adoption experience.

At times, one of the birth mothers that we have referred to our client/ attorneys is looking for a specific family that the attorney does not have available. If you have done an online search and our ad has been shown , then we are currently advertising specifically for a birth mother that we have available. In these instances, we will post the situation on our site. You are welcome to contact us regarding an available situation only. Click the following link

 available adoption situations