Available Adoption Situations

Forever After Adoptions™ provides a  courtesy service  to state licensed adoption agencies , facilitators and attorneys by posting available situations .  We do not charge a fee to either the adopting parents nor the adoption professional that posts the situation for this service  . Please contact  the adoption professionals directly regarding posted available birth mother situations only. The situations posted below that are marked as available are currently working with licensed professionals and are actively seeking families to adopt their child. There is no cost or obligation to speak to the attorney that is handling these cases. The information that we post is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  We will attempt to remove listings as soon as possible once they are matched. We ask that you do not contact the professionals that have posted these cases unless you are home study approved and financially able to move forward. Please do not submit profile unless you are prepared to move forward. If there is a baby due in a week, and you have a planned vacation for that time and a baby will not fit into your schedule, we understand. Please do not submit your profile. ( Yes, believe it or not it happens). There are a lot of families that want a child but are not ready to proceed, and that can be stressful to the expectant  mothers that choose them , only to find out afterwards that the family cannot afford to move forward or is unable to proceed for other reasons. An average adoption is $35-$45,000. If you are not prepared financially to adopt at this time, please wait until you are . It is not fair to yourselves , the expectant mothers , or the professionals that are handling these cases.

chosenparentsadoptions.com will post your parent profile on their site for no cost. To be posted send your profile, evidence of a current home study , a featured photo and sign this online form that gives us permission to publish https://chosenparents.com/advertising-agreement/ Email profile and photo to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com You only pay an advertising fee if and when you are selected and if you choose to proceed. Please understand that the professionals that have posted cases are not able to educate you about the adoption process, we recommend that you hire a consultant to educate and advise you . ONLY contact a professional if and when you are home study approved and ready to adopt. If you are not home study approved and ready to move forward , this is not the correct website to be on and we are unable to assist you .

Be advised that if you have forwarded your profile to be presented to an adoption professional for an available case, which has an estimated cost of adoption posted , and you are selected but can not move forward because you are not prepared financially , you will NOT be able to have your profile presented for another case at any time in the future. Please keep this in mind when presenting your profile. There are no exceptions.

5/11/2021 AVAILABLE African American BOY in the state of Tennessee . He just turned 8 March 18th. His mother describes him as follows : He is a very
energetic and loving person. He is very tech savvy. He does great with computers and other
electronics. His favorite cartoon characters are Spiderman and Transformers. . He’s currently in the 2nd grade. He went virtually this year, but he is looking
forward to going back to school in person. He plays well with other kids. He gets along with
teachers, but can sometimes require redirecting when off task. He is expected to start 3rd grade next year. His favorite food is pizza and hot chips.

She states that he does not have any learning disabilities or emotional issues. All professionals involved are willing to discount fees , so for those that qualify for a tax credit of $14,800 , this private adoption may end up costing approximately $5000. Interested parties MUST be home study approved and familiar with our program . Families that have interest can send in their profile with NO contact information or name of agency , attorney or consultant, along with proof of funds ( bank statement ), and copy of home study or letter from agency stating that it is current. Full Circle Adoptions , A licensed Massachusetts adoption agency is handling this case and information can be emailed to her directly to Molly Reynolds, Director at mreynolds@fullcircleadoptions.com

” Not actual child but similar in appearance “