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Please note that Forever After Adoptions does not work directly with adopting parents . We do , however , provide a  courtesy service  to state licensed adoption agencies and attorneys by posting available situations that we are aware of and we are happy to refer you to the attorney or agency  that is handling the situations that we have listed below.  Please contact us regarding posted available birth mother situations only. The situations posted below that are marked as available are currently working with licensed attorneys and are actively seeking families to adopt their child. There is no cost or obligation to speak to the attorney that is handling these cases.The information that we post is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. We post information that is relayed to us from the attorneys and agencies that are working with the birth mothers. They are required to have proof of pregnancy and a formal written social history before they will be posted. The situations will be marked  once we learn that they have been matched.  Please give us some information about yourself in the message area, as well as let us know which situation that you have interest in. Then forward your adoptive parent profile without any identifying information to : foreverafteradoptions@gmail.com . Please do not inquire re. additional information re. a posted situation . We post these situations  as a courtesy. We do not have any additional information.




Remember that in order to adopt you must have an approved home study.


5/23/2017 jCaucasian Baby GIRL due June 15,2017 in the state of Nevada .Mother states that she has been receiving prenatal care and that before she knew that  she was pregnant there was light marijuana use and drank socially a few times before knowing that she was pregnant. Mother is raising a 3 year old as a single mother.. She states that the father of this baby shows no interest in the pregnancy and she does not feel like he will be a problem as far as consenting . Profiles can be forwarded to foreverafteradoptions@gmail.com and will be forwarded to the attorney that is handling the case. Families with current home studies only please. Update 5/23/2017 The attorney that is handling this case has sent profiles . He has requested that no additional profiles be forwarded at this time so that she can look over the ones that she has received. He will notify us in the future if she would like additional profiles.





5/22/2017AVAIL-e1452003487372Full Hispanic baby Gender unknown due in July . Mother speaks only Spanish. No drugs , alcohol or smoking . The bio parents are both Guatemalan . This will be a lower cost adoption approximately $28,000.00. Contact Attorney Colette Wilson directly @ 760-580-0561 Mother is seeking a SPANISH speaking home study approved family. Colette Wilson is the attorney that we refer our Spanish speaking birth mothers as she speaks Spanish. Forever After Adoptions  does have a Spanish advertising campaign. Our website is www.adopcion.uno We have a need for Spanish speaking families so if you speak Spanish , feel free to call Colette and make her aware so that she can keep you in mind for this and future situations.

Newborn baby girl in a knitted hat.


5/15/2017jHispanic Baby GIRL due in July in the state of California. Seeking traditional Christian married couple to adopt her baby . She is homeless and the family will need to provide for housing during the pregnancy and for a period that is legally allowable afterwards. She states that there has been no drug or alcohol use during the pregnancy and that she has been receiving prenatal care. This adoption will be a higher end adoption with an estimate of $45-$49,000 due to the high cost of living in the area that she is located. Please contact Janet at the Law Office of Allen Hultquist directly for more information regarding this situation Email profiles to Janet Diato     email :  jdiato@linkline.com update 5/22/2017 Mother has tentatively selected a family and the attorney is setting up a conference call. Will update once matched but no additional profiles are being submitted at this time,

Newborn baby girl in a knitted hat.



5/11/2017 matchedBaby BOY due 6/20/2017 in the state of Arkansas. Mother is Caucasian and Father is African American. Father will consent to the adoption. No drugs or alcohol.  Mother smokes one or two cigarettes a day. Has been receiving prenatal care. She had made plans to place the baby with a friend who found out yesterday that she is pregnant. This will be a LOW COST adoption  approximately $28,000.00 . Mother is positive for hepatitis B antibodies and is being treated. Found out today 5/23 via her physican that testing came back and that although she was exposed she is negative for hep B.  She said the physician states that will not affect the baby.. please research prior to sending your profile . Mother taking prescription Xanax prior to knowing that she was pregnant. Quit upon finding out. Arkansas allows you to finalize approximately 10 days after consent. Please forward your profile  to foreverafteradoptions@gmail.com and permission for us to forward to the attorney that is handling the case.








5/10/2017  matchedMother is in the state of Kentucky. Gender is unknown and her due date is October 10th 2017.  She is currently raising 3 children as a single mother and a 4th lives with his father and states that this pregnancy was the result of her being intoxicated and does not know who the father is. She states that this was an isolated drinking binge and that it was out of character . Mother is Caucasian and Father she states is an unknown race. She did smoke  black and milds  ( a mild form of tobacco I am told ) but quit when she found out that she was pregnant. but denies any drug use. She does not want contact after the placement . Her family is supportive of her placement decision.  if you are interested in being presented , please contact attorney Quincy Braxton directly at  (619)8662765. This should be a lesser cost adoption for that reason. Approximately $30,000.00 -$32,000.00 Update 5/17/2017 The attorney has not received a commitment yet from the family that she had chosen  so we plan to forward additional profiles to her tomorrow. We have changed the status of this situation to active. 5/18/2017 The initial family is not proceeding due to cost . additional profiles have been sent and we will change status to matched once she has chosen a family. The attorney is not presenting any additional families at this time.






4/28/2017 matchedBaby to be born in the state of California. Full Caucasian . Gender unknown. No drugs or alcohol with the exception of marijuana for medicinal purposes as well as light smoking. Has lost 4 children to social services. Father will sign. Minimal monthly expenses although she is just entering her second trimester, There are some mental health issues . Call  Attorney Colette Wilson direct if you are interested in this case. 760-580-0561






4/18/2017matchedBaby BOY due July 2017 in the state of California . Mother may have some anxiety /depression issues. Mother insists that the family be CATHOLIC. Baby will be 3/4 Caucasian and 1/4 Hispanic. Please contact adoption facilitators Rick and Suzanne Rose directly if you are interested in this situation. (310) 279-9076


4/17/2017matchedFull Caucasian baby Gender unknown. Mother states no drugs alcohol; or smoking during the pregnancy. She is a single mother to 2 other children , and the father of this baby does not want to be involved. She is in the state of California. She is employed but will need some assistance financially as she gets further in the pregnancy . She is still in her first trimester. No mental health issues or genetic issues in her background.  If interested , please forward profile and indicate which situation that you are interested in to foreverafteradoptions@gmail.com We will forward to the  California attorney that is handling this case.

This adoption is estimated to cost approximately $35,000. UPDATE  4/19/2017 Birthmother has decided that she would like a CALIFORNIA family ONLY, We apologize for any inconvenience.


3/27/2017matchedGender unknown . Birth mother lives in the state of Ohio and she is full Hispanic. The father is also full Hispanic. She states that the pregnancy was the result of a sexual assault. The father is a noncitizen and  he has left the state and she  is not in contact . She has had no prenatal care as she had planned to terminate the pregnancy , but her family supported her in making an adoption plan and she is now committed to placement. No drugs alcohol or smoking . She is raising two daughters and she receives child support. She is due approximately 8/2017. She is requesting a family that can communicate with her in Spanish as she is only Spanish speaking .





3/27/2017 matchedBaby GIRL to be born July 5, 2017 in the state of Ohio. Mother is Caucasian and father is one of two. Either Caucasian or African American. Mother is working full time and raising three children the youngest is one year old. She is overwhelmed and does not feel like she can provide for another child. She would like an open adoption , and has requested that the family that adopts this baby allow for annual visits. She has been receiving prenatal care and states that there has been no drugs, alcohol or smoking during the pregnancy .

Newborn baby girl in a knitted hat.

3/22/201matchedFull Caucasian baby . gender unknown to be born in the state of Colorado. She has been receiving prenatal care and is due in 7 weeks. Baby appears healthy although she did use Xanax and Ecstasy  before she knew that she was pregnant .The birth mother is intelligent and appears to be upper middle class. She states that she also drank alcohol on several occasions prior to knowing that she was pregnant. Profiles have been presented , but the attorney is seeking back up profiles at this time in case the family that she has shown interest in proves not to be a match . ( he should know by tomorrow)


3/16/2017matchedBaby BOY due in July in the state of Ohio. No drugs , alcohol or smoking during the pregnancy. Mother is 23 years old and has been receiving prenatal care. She is parenting a 2 year old boy and doesn’t feel like she can care for a second child. She has placed a child for adoption in the past , and has an open adoption arrangement with that family which consists of photos and updates. Mother is Caucasian and father is African American .

3/13/2017matchedGirl. This baby will be born in the state of Arkansas. This is a good opportunity for a lot of adoptive couples as Arkansas allows finalization there 10 days after consent . Mother is Caucasian and father is African American . She states that the father is “unknown”. She is parenting a teenage girl and is not equipped to raise another child. No drugs alcohol or smoking  . She did smoke marijuana socially prior to knowing that she was pregnant. Open to all families. This will be a lower cost adoption. Update 3/25 Mother will be interviewing a family tomorrow so not forwarding any more profiles at this time. UPDATE 4/7/2017 THE FAMILY THAT WAS MATCHED WITH THIS MOTHER HAVE NOTIFIED US TODAY THAT THEY CANNOT PROCEED DUE TO PERSONAL REASONS. THEY HAVE NOTHING BUT WONDERFUL THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THE BIRTH MOTHER, BUT ARE NOT GOING TO ADOPT AT THIS TIME, SO THE ATTORNEY THAT IS WORKING WITH HER  IS SEEKING PROFILES TO  FORWARD TO HER. 4/10/2017 Mother was presented with profiles and a conference call is in the process of being set up. No further profiles will be presented at this time. this post will be updated as either matched or available as soon    as more information is available.

Newborn baby girl in a knitted hat.