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2/18/2018AVAIL-e14520034873721/2 Caucasian 1/2 African American baby Gender Unknown due March 24, 2018   in the state of California. Mother states that there has  no drugs , alcohol or smoking. She states that father is not opposed to adoption. Collette Wilson , Attorney at Law is handling this case. You are welcome to call her directly and let her know that you are interested in  these situations . You can reach her at    (760 )  580-0561

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2/6/2018AVAIL-e1452003487372Full Hispanic baby due in 8 weeks in the state of California. Gender unknown. Mother is 23 years old and  has been receiving prenatal care  and states that there has been no alcohol, drugs or smoking during the pregnancy. She has a one year old and is a single parent . This baby’s father went back to Mexico and has not been heard from . She is requesting a Hispanic family to adopt her baby. Please contact the Law Office of Quincy Braxton  via email to be presented. quincybraxton1@gmail.com

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2/5/2018 AVAIL-e1452003487372CALIFORNIA ADOPTIVE PARENT(S) NEEDED:EXPECTANT MOTHER – DUE ON OR ABOUT July 11 ,2018 with a Caucasian baby (gender unknown) This birth mother has requested a California family. Please do NOT submit a profile for this situation if you do not live in California. If she decides to open up the search to other states, we will update the post.-Birth mother will consider all families including married or unmarried couples (male/female; female/female; or male/male) or a single woman. Her main requirement is that the adoptive parents love each other so her baby will see that and know that he/she deserves that love too.-Birth father is aware she is pregnant and agrees to the adoption plan.-She just recently discovered she was pregnant so hasn’t started prenatal care yet.She has a prior drug history of heroin use (including IV) but has not used for 29 months, however, she does still receive a methadone treatment every day. She also had some marijuana use before she found out she was pregnant. Other than her previous history, she indicates no drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.-Expectant mother has indicated she has no major medical problems and no mental health issues or diagnoses.Expectant mother has an infant daughter and works long hours. She barely sees her daughter and does not want to do that to another child.-Her long term goal is to be a nurse .Send an email expressing interest in this situation along with your 4-6 page printable profile to ALLEN HULTQUIST ADOPTION LAW at adoptioninfo@linkline.com Please NO phone calls at this time. If the expectant mother is interested in your profile, we will contact you directly

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1/31/2018j3/4 Hispanic 1/4 Native American baby due 7/25/2018 in the state of California. States no drugs or alcohol but light smoker. This is her 6th child, her youngest is 8 months old and the oldest is 20 . States that the father is ok with adoption. Her older children have been told about the adoption plan and are supportive. She would like an open adoption and prefers someone that lives in a close by state .. the West Coast .Please contact the Law Office of Quincy Braxton  via email to be presented. quincybraxton1@gmail.com  Update 2/3/2018 Mother has shown interest in a family

Portrait of newborn baby boy wearing funny bear shape hat sleeping on soft beige cover


1/30/2018matchedFull Hispanic Baby BOY due March 4th 2018 in the state of Arizona. No drugs . alcohol or smoking according to mother. She is a single parent to a 1 and 2 year old. She has been receiving prenatal care, according to her the baby is healthy . States that father wants no involvement with this child. Please contact the Law Office of Quincy Braxton  via email to be presented. quincybraxton1@gmail.com update 1/30/2018 The attorney has presented profiles and Mother has shown interest in a family . They are planning a conference call and will update if they are matched.

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1/18/2018matchedCaucasian Baby due March 18, 2018 in the  state of Arizona. Mother states that she has been certain about placement since she found out about the pregnancy, as she is 37 years old and has 5 children already , two of whom are living with their father. She has been receiving sporadic prenatal care and states that baby is healthy . She does not want ongoing contact and requested a “closed” adoption, although she really wants the family to be at the hospital for the birth. Gender is unknown at this time. Her and the father are not together and he is the father of the other three in the home. He appears to be ok with adoption. She state that there has been no drugs , alcohol or smoking during the pregnancy. Attorney is putting together a budget now, but should be a lower to average cost due to the short period of time before delivery. Please contact the Law Office of Quincy Braxton  via email to be presented. quincybraxton1@gmail.com Update 1/22/2018 Baby boy  was born early and family is on their way.

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1/12/201 FRAUD ALERT Full Caucasian baby due in Oklahoma first week of August 2018. Mother states that there are no mental health issues, drugs , alcohol or smoking. Gender unknown at this time. She is receiving prenatal care. She will consider ANY home study approved family . Contact Janet at the Law Offices of Allen Hultquist adoptioninfo@linkline.com to have your profile presented or for more information. Update 1/14/2018 It has been discovered that this mother made an adoption plan at an earlier date and after receiving $10,000.00 in expenses “changed her mind.” The attorney will no longer work with her, and we want to make sure that any prospective parents are warned.


6/24/2017  AVAIL-e1452003487372California attorney Colette Wilson is seeking Spanish speaking families for Hispanic birth mothers . Forever After Adoptions has a Spanish program  agencia-de-adopcion.com   and the majority of these cases are referred to Collette as she speaks Spanish. You are welcome to call her directly and let her know that you are interested in  these situations . You can reach her at    (760 )  580-0561