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We post information that is relayed to us from the attorneys and agencies that are working with the birth mothers. The information that is posted is only what the mother has verbally conveyed to the attorney at this point. In most cases , the attorney does not have medical records nor have they interviewed the birth father. We request that the adoption professional update us regarding the situations and they will be marked  once we learn that they have been matched.  . Please do not inquire re. additional information re. a posted situation . We post these situations  as a courtesy. We do not have any additional information.


Remember that in order to adopt you must have an approved home study.


7/18/2017jBaby BOY  1/4 Caucasian and 3/4  African American due November 14, 2017 in the state of South Carolina. Mother verbally states that No drugs ,alcohol or smoking during the pregnancy. Has 3 children and raising as a single mother. The father is also the father of her youngest child and he appears to be cooperative with an adoption plan. Family is supportive. She is seeking either an African American or interracial couple to adopt her child. Requests photos and updates after placement. Contact Quincy Braxton , attorney at quincybraxton1@gmail.com . Please attach profile if you are interested in being presented.  Estimate of cost is $28-$30,000.update 7/22/2017 Mother has spoken tp a family and they are awaiting medical records

7/17/2017AVAIL-e1452003487372Gender Unknown Baby will be 1/2 Hispanic and 1/2 Caucasian to be born in the state of California. Mother is 38 years old  Mother verbally states that No drugs , alcohol or smoking . She has 3 older sons that are grown and also has a 2 year old baby that she is raising on her own as the father was deported. This is the same father .Contact Quincy Braxton , attorney at quincybraxton1@gmail.com

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7/12/2017matchedFull Hispanic Baby Gender unknown due end of September 2017 . Mother verbally states that No drugs . alcohol or smoking . Parents are together and father will sign . Parents speak only Spanish and prefer a Spanish speaking couple. Contact Colette Wilson , Attorney directly at  (760)-580-0561


7/12/2017matchedGender Unknown. ( she has had ultrasounds but didn’t want to know ) Full Caucasian .Due October 2017 in San Diego , Ca has been getting prenatal care . Father  and her are not together and states that it was a very brief relationship. She is employed and is very bright  with a positive outlook. She has a 3 year old and a 1 year old that she is not raising . Mother verbally states that No drugs , alcohol or smoking but does have a prescription for medicinal marijuana. Attorney Colette Wilson  (760) 580-0561 . Will consider Mennonite or Amish family. Wants a family with a simple life … not into materialism,  family values are more important to her.  Will go with the flow as far as contact afterwards..7/14/2017 Mother has been presented with profiles and is looking through them . Will mark as matched once we are notified.

7/10/2017 matchedBaby GIRL. Full Caucasian to be born in the state of Oklahoma due 9/4/2017 , but will be induced the first week of August  ( details from the attorney . Has been receiving prenatal care. Mother verbally states that No drugs , alcohol or smoking . She has 4 children that live with their grandmother. Expenses will be low due to her due date. Seeking traditional family . Contact Attorney Quincy Braxton . quincybraxton1@gmail.com Please send profile. Home study approved families ONLY.

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7/10/2017jUnknown gender to be born in the state of Ohio . She is very early in pregnancy , and the attorney is ok with someone committing but not contracting until she is further along. Not due until March . Mother is 26 years old. This appears to be a very clean situation . No drugs , alcohol, mental illness or smoking. She has a 10 year old daughter and does not want to raise another child as a single parent. Her family is very supportive of adoption , and she has moved back in with her grandmother so to have a support system . The baby will be  1/8 Japanese and 7/8 Caucasian. The father agrees that adoption is the best option and is fully cooperative. Expenses will be lower as Ohio is very conservative regarding expenses.  Although not ideal as far as time investment , this may be one to consider if you are seeking a clean situation. Call Attorney Quincy Braxton 619-866-2765 Update 7/12/2017 she has looked at profiles and has shown interest in several families. She is planning to show those to her family members and make a decision soon. Not requesting any more profiles at this time and will post as matched once she is.

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7/7/2017matchedBOY and GIRL fraternal twins due in the state of California due 8/ 2017.  Mother is 34 years old and is Caucasian and Native American . The father is full Caucasian and she states that he is willing to cooperate with an adoption plan. She has 4 children and is seeking a traditional husband and wife to adopt her babies. States that she has been receiving prenatal care . Mother wants an open adoption and is requesting in person visits. This was posted previously , but we have referred to a different adoption professional, so if you still have interest you are welcome to contact attorney Colette Wilson . You can reach her directly at (760)580-0561

Newborn baby girl in a knitted hat.

6/28/2017matched Baby UNKNOWN gender to be born in the state of California. Mother has placed a child through this service in the past . Full Hispanic. Mother is seeking a Latino couple that speaks Spanish ONLY. She is 30 years old and has been receiving prenatal care. Mother verbally states that No drugs, alcohol or smoking , The father is in South America. Contact Rick and Susanne Rose Adoption Facilitators  for more information Office (424)757-5170 or cell (310)279-9076

6/27/2017 matchedGender unknown . Not due until February in the state of Tennessee. Full Caucasian . Mother has been receiving prenatal care. Her and the father are together and they are raising three children. He is supportive of an adoption plan .They want to bless someone else with a child. Attorney has received all paperwork as well as proof of pregnancy. Call Attorney Quincy Braxton 6198662765 for more information . and to be presented for this case .UPDATE  6/28 Mother is interested in a family and they have agreed to speak . No further profiles being presented at this time


Portrait of newborn baby boy wearing funny bear shape hat sleeping on soft beige cover


6/24/2017  AVAIL-e1452003487372California attorney Colette Wilson is seeking Spanish speaking families for Hispanic birth mothers . Forever After Adoptions has a Spanish program  agencia-de-adopcion.com   and the majority of these cases are referred to Collette as she speaks Spanish. You are welcome to call her directly and let her know that you are interested in  these situations . You can reach her at (760)580-0561